Keep on Keeping on!!!

January 12, 2016 0Comments by Uncategorized

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Cupcakes the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Cupcake Camper Dorothy. It is her daily mission: to explore Ocala and surrounding areas, to seek out cupcake lovers and other Food Truck enthusiasts, to boldly go where no cupcake has gone before…. (Cue cheesy music AWWW AWWWW AHHH UHHH AWWW AHHH) Sorry nerding out…


So a lot has been done since my last post…. But we still have a way to go. It is a true labor of love and we are very proud of the work we have done so far. Dorothy now has a kitchen grade floor and we are working on the walls now. She is look good!!! The biggest change would have to be that she has her service window installed and the transformation was awesome. She is really started looking like a food truck (or camper) All though, I must admit it was very hard seeing them cut a giant hole in the side ( fingers nails to nubs that day)…. We have also set the menu and the taste testing has been going great. Special thank to my husband Kenneth and my best friend Erica for always willing to take a bit. This web site is almost done (thank goodness) Sorry to all that have visited and had to see it in its state of design and implementation…lol We are officially an LLC…. YIPPY and are working on licensing!!! After the walls it’s onto the decals, electrical, and plumbing…But one step at a time it’s all in God’s time not mine. So until next time campers. Keep your belly’s full and your fingers out my frosting….


Ocala, Florida