We got a Camper!

September 1, 2015 0Comments by Events, Food


Cupcakes the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Cupcake Camper Dorothy. It is her daily mission: to explore Ocala and surrounding areas, to seek out cupcake lovers and other Food Truck enthusiasts, to boldly go where no cupcake has gone before…. (Cue cheesy music AWWW AWWWW AHHH UHHH AWWW AHHH) Sorry nerding out…

Welcome Campers to our first blog entry.  Let me start off by saying hello, I am Rachel (a.k.a Baby Cakes). I would go on and on about me and what I do but your can catch up with all of the exiting commentary on the website on the story section here —–> http://cupcakecamper.com/story/ But enough of that… The exciting news!!!! WE GOT A CAMPER!!! I have named her Dorothy, (I love the wizard of OZ and the dreams you dare to dream really do come true!!!) Soooo, she is a 1963 Scotty Sportsman and my future cupcake camper! I love her so!!! Why a camper you ask…? Well …. Why not! I like to be the odd ball, the not your everyday run of the mill kinda lady. I was sitting at home thinking about my future in cupcakes when I saw a food truck on the telly and thought… I could so do a food truck with cupcakes, then I thought how cute to do a vintage camper (my love of all thing vintage and awesome)… And boom the idea was born. I was truly blessed when I found Dorothy, she was a great camper at a great price and everything just fell into place. Now, we are working on gutting the inside and turning her in the sweet cupcake machine that lives in my brain and fuels my dreams… She is getting there one step at a time and a true labor of love. Stay tuned ya’ll this is going to be an amazing adventure!!!



Ocala, Florida